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Haste is an accelerating MIDI note repeater for Ableton Live. Pick Start and End Times (1/4 to 1/16 notes for example) and Haste will begin outputting notes at a rate that transitions (linearly or exponentially) from Start to End over the course of a chosen time Interval.


1. Set Start Time and End Time. These values are fractions of a measure (not necessarily the Interval chosen). Note that you can choose any decimal number in the denominator for each of these values and you are not restricted to the typical 1/4, 1/8 plus dotted/triplet values (or alternatively milliseconds) that you are accustomed to.

Keep in mind a Time of, for example, 1/4.00 will be a quarter of the length of a measure, not necessarily equal to the length of a quarter note. This depends entirely on the global time signature currently specified in your Live set.

2. Set Interval. This is the time interval over which we will accelerate between Start and End times.

3. Turn On/Off Linear/Curved. This determines whether the device will generate notes based on a linear or curved/exponential line.

4. Optionally set Curve Param. If Linear/Curved is set to ON, this determines the shape of the curve. Positive values generate notes based on a logarithmic line shape (output rate will change slower) while negative values generate based on an exponential line shape (output rate will change faster). If this is parameter is set to 0, it will work nearly identically to having Linear/Curved set to OFF.

Note that this parameter is disabled while Linear/Curved is set to OFF.

5. Optionally set Gate. This will shorten the notes output by a factor of 0-100%.

6. Optionally set Pitch Mod Step and Pitch Mod. This will pitch shift the notes output by the value set by Pitch Mod Step based on the probability set by Pitch Mod. For example, values of +1st and 33% gives you a 33% chance that each note generated will be shifted up 1 semitone.

7. Optionally set Swing. This will swing the notes output by this value in milliseconds.

8. Optionally set Skip. This determines the probability of skipping any given note being generated by the device.

9. Create a clip and add some MIDI notes (preferably as long as your Interval). Notes will be output for as long as the input MIDI note is held and will end on note-off or when transport stops.

10. If you want to run the current pattern at double or half of the current Interval (or any other % value), set the Global Time to 200% (twice as fast) or 50% (half as fast). Keep in mind you might need to update your MIDI pattern to accommodate the time changes you make with this setting - i.e. half or double the length of the MIDI note.

Suggested Use:

* This was originally designed to generate unique rhythmic patterns, so use with a Drum Rack is recommended but not required. Any MIDI instrument will work. 

* Place a Haste instance before a Drum Rack and offset input notes for each drum sound to generate unique rhythms. 

* Alternatively, place an instance of Haste on individual drums and customize the settings for each voice to generate even stranger rhythms. 

* You can choose the same value for Start and End and simply use it as a repeater for unique note lengths like 1/6.66 or 1/4.20



* Added Linear/Curved, Curve Param, and Skip parameters. See descriptions above.

* Changed parameter labels: The formerly labelled parameter Pitch Mod is now Pitch Mod Step and Mod Prob is now Pitch Mod. My apologies for any confusion.

* Changed Pitch Mod Step values. This parameter now allows for negative step values. Total range is -12st to 12st.

* UI / layout update to accommodate new settings

Demo Video:

v1.1.0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbsfvU1P7w0

For Live 11 Users:

Included is a rack (Haste Rack for Live 11.adg) that includes several snapshot presets. Use these or generate random presets using the rand function and have fun!

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Accelerating Note Repeater (M4L MIDI Device)


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