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A Max for Live (M4L) MIDI device that generates continually changing note repetitions. Based on a simple random MIDI duration/velocity Max patch by Mark Fell, this device takes his original idea a bit further and gives the user more control to shape the output. 


  1. Make a new MIDI clip on the channel on which you've placed an instance of FellStep and add a single MIDI note approximately as long as the clip (the longer the better). 

  2. Set an Interval. This determines the rate of repetition. 

  3. Int. Mod Rate. This determines how often the Interval will be updated.

  4. Turn ON or OFF Int. Mod (On/Off). This determines IF the Interval will be updated as determined by the Int. Mod Rate. If set to OFF, the Interval will stay at the value you specified above. 

  5. Set a Step. This is how much the Interval will deviate from its previous value. Higher values mean the Interval might jump to a more distant value. 

  6. Set a Skip Probability. This determines how often the device will skip notes that it would normally output.

  7. Set the LFO. This sets an LFO for the velocity of the notes output. Using this in combination with the Interval can generate unique sounding rhythms, particularly when using values on separate grids.

  8. Turn the LFO ON if you want to enable it

  9. Optionally set Max and Min Velocity values

  10. Choose between a Gate value between 0-100% for the output note lengths, OR turn ON Random Duration to produce MIDI notes of random length

This is best used with drums and percussion to produce oblique rhythms but any MIDI device will work. Enjoy!

  • A Max for Live MIDI Device

  • Size
    3.77 MB
  • DAW
    Ableton Live
  • A Max for Live MIDI Device
  • Size3.77 MB
  • DAWAbleton Live
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Fell Step

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